I feel honored and delighted that I got the opportunity to serve the families of Police Personnel through PFWS. It gives me a great sense of responsibility in undertaking the noble causes under the umbrella of PFWS, a welfare organization which was constituted in 1972.

"Dreams unfold and become real when pursued with dedication, right attitude and a sense of responsibility."

Ever since I took over as President of PFWS, I had a dream to make the welfare measures more meaningful and engaging. Today, I take pride in acknowledging that, together, we are accomplishing that dream.

In our initiative towards this dream, we left no stone unturned in reaching out to every single family residing in various police colonies spread across Delhi. Each and every member of PFWS came forward to contribute towards welfare of their own community and is working with dedication, hard work and right attitude.

It gives me immense pleasure to appreciate the continuous efforts of the existing members in making this dream a reality. I also invite all officers' wives who could not contribute in this endeavor, as yet, because of their other commitments to come forward and contribute in which-ever way they can. Let us join hands to bring smiles to the families of more than 80 thousand Police Personnel who are committed to make Delhi a safer place to Live. Let's join our hearts and hands in creating a new and brighter future for the family members of every Delhi Police Personnel.

Now, it is time to evolve our dream and continue our journey towards excellence. It is my hope and desire that each of us in the Police Families Welfare Society (PFWS) make a significant positive impact on the lives of families associated with Delhi Police. Let's come together for the cause and make it a better world, as, together we can and together we will.

Best wishes

Mrs. Suchana Patnaik