Run For Cause

As the night falls, the women of Delhi rush home. That is not what would happen on 8th March 2017. On the Women’s Day 2017, the women of Delhi would be out on the streets running a marathon. The run would not be just a run; it shall be a Run For A Cause. The cause is two-fold; first is towards the concern for the Women’s Safety and the second is towards the raising funds for WAJIFA – the scholarship program of PFWS.

The Run would be primarily a Women’s Marathon Event, in which, only the women would be participating in the run at the main flag-off. Lead by the women members of the Police Family Welfare Society. The Vice-President of PFWS, Dr Sushi Singh, who is herself an enthusiastic marathon runner, conceived the concept of the event. The vision driving this event is that the women of Delhi should feel safe and as a way of expressing solidarity with the women of Delhi, the wives of the Delhi Police officers and the Delhi Police Women officers would be leading the marathon. The endeavor is to promote making Delhi a safe place for all women, where any woman would feel safe to walk alone, even at the darkest hour of night. The second flag-off will have open entries of runners, including men who run to support women and promote the safety of women in Delhi.

The registration fees and other proceeds of the event shall be utilized towards the funds for the PFWS scholarship program called WAJIFA. PFWS WAJIFA initiative endeavors to support the dependents of policemen in continuing/enhancing their education, professional studies, skill development, special education needs, books and technical knowhow, vocational studies, physical and mental health, talent development, sports abilities etc. That is the second fold of the cause, which this run is aimed towards.

If you would like to participate of sponsor the event, please do reach out to us. We look forward to having more people, from all walks of life, to come together with us in making Delhi a better place and supporting the welfare of the deserving and the needy students form police families.